Available to club members, there is a well-equipped fitness gym in the Palazzo Spinola with a sauna and a Turkish bath. A personal trainer is available for members.


On the first floor of Palazzo Spinola, there are four modern competition-style billiard tables. 

Once a week, an official ‘billiards master’ is available to members.

Every year, club competitions award the best players.


The tradition of chess at the Società del Giardino had already developed during the presidency of Conte Gian Carlo Dal Verme, who was also the President of the Italian Federation of Chess and of the Milanese Chess Club (Società Scacchistica Milanese, founded in 1881) for more than twenty years.

The Giardino regularly hosts important chess events and exhibition matches by champions.


Inside Palazzo Spinola, there is a modern indoor facility for practising golf. A qualified golf coach is available.

Every year, the Società del Giardino organizes its club championship, with separate categories for club members and their families.


The club regularly organizes bridge and burraco competitions. These competitions are open to club members, their family members and guests, and to members of reciprocating clubs.