Following the principle that a club without a library is a club without a future, the Società del Giardino has constantly cultivated the preservation and updating of its library founded for the members.

The library now contains over 12,000 volumes. A qualified librarian looks after the acquisition of new significant books, their cataloguing in digital format and their placement on the library’s bookshelves.

The Società del Giardino considers it important that there is an agreement with the historic library of the Famiglia Meneghina. Now hosted in the mansion of the Società del Giardino, this library is the most important collection of old and modern works about Milan.

The Società del Giardino and the library of the Famiglia Meneghina are now linked by a bond of deep friendship that led to the inclusion of the crest of the Società del Giardino in the logo of the library of the Famiglia Meneghina (